Can the Archies Things Bust Bunions

First, in Australia flip flops are called thongs. The Archies Arch Support Thongs are proving very popular in Australia and are selling well. The are often recommended by podiatrists.

Archies Arch Support Thongs

Are they any good for bunions? Of course they are. Anything that is open that gets pressure off a bunion is going to be helpful. The thongs or flip flops have an arch support built into them that is about the same size as a lot of over-the-counter foot supports, so you get the advantage of using a foot support and not having to wear the restricted footwear. That is a good thing. The come in a lot of different colours and are suitable where this type of footwear is part of the lifestyle.

You can buy them here.

Do the Bunion Correctors Bust Bunions?


The bunion correctors are a splint or brace that you wear at night and are claimed to correct bunions. But do they?

bunion correctors

The research evidence on these is that they can help improve the angle of the big toe by a few degrees after a months wear, so yes they can help, but I would not call that “busting” them. That is small improvement. Is that small improvement worth it?

It probably is worth it. While the improvement may not be much it certainly would have stopped them getting worse as the bunions does end to be progressive. Additionally the bunion correctors will help keep the toe flexible which is also a good thing.

A lot of extraordinary claims do get made for this product and some really stupid lies told about them (see this: Bunion corrector gullibility). Before and after photos as well as testimonials are so easy to fake.

Bottom line is that they will not “bust” the bunion, but they will help. You can buy them here and read more here: Do the “Bunion Correctors” actually work?.